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Sunday, October 2, 2011

[2009] SS501 Special Guests in Baby's Music high

Really hope they can come together next year! It's so funny. Leader initially started out sleepy then starting to make some funny comments near the end about lion..keke.. Saengie usually answer questions in a calm and honest way with an awkward dimpled smile when his answer is different from rest, Kyu the usual sweet and gentle guy,, and of course Tom n Jerry arguing and making fun of each other..sigh... Missed them together!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

[2011.05.29] Baby Korea Walkathon fancam on 29 May11

oki oki,, I know this is kinda delayed... but well, better late than never.. A few of us SGTripleS (me, Ashley, Suyin and Dalbit) were in Korea from 17 to 29 May and we were so lucky to be able to go to this Charity Walkathon event with Baby, Kibum, their mother and Hnb staff..keke.. and of course with all the fans. It's FREE!!!

Surprisingly, the fans were very quiet walking beside the family,, and you don't see them screaming or asking for autographs. AMAZING!! Baby really is so sweet. I would see him occasionally talking to the fans in Korean, like some friends, and he was so relaxed..and having fun looking at animals in the zoo and handling the kids. 

To be honest, I was very very surprised that they actually walked all the way..I thought celebrities just show show face and then go back liao.. But they didn't lor.. They really walk the whole way up the mountain (If I'm not wrong I think lasts the whole 2 hours). CLAPS!!

I had to give up halfway as we need to check out from the apartment and leave for Singapore that day.. sobs!! But it was well worth it.. I feel so happy to see Baby smile..keke.. And before I leave, I actually walk up to Baby and say: "Hyung Junnie, see you in Singapore". He looked at me with a smile and acknowledge with a nod :" Nae" ie "Yes".. before I smile and wave to him goodbye.. sobs.. He's sooo SWEEET!!! (AND YES!! YupS!! We did see him in Singapore at the showcase on 17th June). 

Indeed, Korea is the place if you want to see your idols esp Baby..keke.. He's so much at ease and the korean fans are so well behaved.. that you also don't want to be the spoilsport and ask for autograph and the likes..keke.. If only I know how to talk in Korean,, sigh,, am sure Baby would be more than happy to chit chat with his fans in Korean..keke.. 

PS: I will be loading Ashley's one soon.. so stay tuned!!!

CREDITS: Chrystal@SGTripleS
Please do NOT reupload

Thursday, July 14, 2011

[2011.07.14] HJB New Japan Single "Long Night" MV OUT

OMO! I really love Baby's Japan Single "Long Night" song and with the MV out, love it even more..keke.. seems like from the MV, Baby is looking for his Ms Right..keke.. and all ready for love.. AWWWW!! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!! Can't wait to download the digital online music once it's out..keke.. first time I actually like a japanese song.. maybe cos it's baby's one? MUAHAHAHAHHA

CREDITS: AvexChannel@YT

[2011.07.14] Fancams of Baby at Mnet open studio

Sigh,, thanks so much to KimHyungJun Thailand for sharing the fancams. I really wish I can speak and understand Korean. As you can see from fancams, Baby is so sweet to be talking to the Korean fans like some friends without any hesitation outside the open Mnet studio recording. He really looked and answered questions from the fans and chatted with them. sigh,, if only I can speak korean..

And really kudos to the Korean fans. They were not like grabbing or acting crazy over him or pushing him to sign autographs. Instead they were just casually chatting with him.. they are so well behaved.. sigh,, must really thank them for making Baby feel so comfortable and feel the support too I must really brush up on my Korean..hurmph!

CREDITS: KimhyungJunThailand+HyungJunnews@YT

Talking about his MC role

Singing "Long Night" Live

Talking about his PV

Open Studio Mnet Live

Sunday, July 10, 2011

[2011.06.17] Baby Singapore Fanmeet- THE BEST EVER

Oki. It’s time for my belated Fan account. Am sure everyone has gotten over Baby’s Fanmeet on 17th June right? Or still missing baby, just like me? Keke.. 

To be very honest, I actually prepared Baby’s Fanmeet this time round with a feeling that this will be the last I will be doing for Baby. It’s been almost 2 years since Baby became my bias in October 2009. To repay him for his bow and sincerity at the Taipei airport arrival, I did what I could to show support to this sincere, hardworking youth. 

I am very grateful SGTripleS gave me the chance last year in August 2009 with the SGTS MV and lyrics for the song for Baby, Voice Across the Seas. I am also very grateful to the gals of SGTS who sang so well and of course to Jingjing for the great tune she composed. I’m not sure if it’s age or the fandom. I noticed I actually became more tired easily and eyebags started forming, hair also thinning..sigh.. 
To be honest, I was thinking of retiring from the club and resting. My close friends and colleagues have been asking me to give up as there’s no reward for what I’m doing but I’m showing visible signs of tiredness. 

But when it was announced Baby was coming in JuneFY11, I can’t possibly give up supporting him. I decided that this would be the last time that I would show my support for Baby and then take time off from fandom. Since this is the last time, I would also try my best to make it the best farewell gift for him, and well wishes from the bottom of my heart. 

Actually, all would be well, and I would be retiring from the club now if not for what Baby has done at the Fanmeet in JuneFY11. It would also have been fine if not for the great love and support from SGTripleS and TripleS all over. It’s then and there, that I realized, I cannot give up. Giving up on SGTripleS and Baby would mean I’m letting them down for what they’ve done in JuneFY11. Hence, my fan account would be about the sweetness of Baby and SGTripleS/TripleS in the June FY11 event.


Airport Arrival. Firstly, if everyone looked at the fancams of airport arrival closely, you would have seen Baby seemingly looking around for something as it neared SGTripleS area near the exit. It’s my guess but I was thinking maybe he was looking for our green banner and SGTS just like August 2009. Then, when he saw it, even though our “Girl” chorus was very soft (as we didn’t have a lot of people there since it was the weekday afternoon), he still put his hands to his ears to show us he heard us singing.. (even though honestly, I don’t think he may have heard it clearly since it’s so soft).. keke. SO SWEET!!!


PiroPiro with BiB tweet. Ah,, by now, everyone would have seen the Piro Piro with the customized BIB with certificate that Belle designed for Baby. Why? BECAUSE HE TWEETED IT!!! Imagine, once at his hotel room, he just put Piro Piro on his bed and tweeted a picture of it and say that it’s cute. Now, how many times have you actually seen a star or even Baby tweeted about a particular gift from a particular fanclub? Despite having the risk of incurring the wrath of other fanclubs, he still did that. It showed how much he loved our gift. Although it’s not expensive but I guess he’s touched by the sincerity and meaning behind it. SWEET No 2!

Offered drink to Translator lady. I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but if you look at the fancam below (0.03), you would see Baby initially offering his drink to the translator lady when he sat down. GENTLEMAN!!CREDITS: YoonJihoo88@YT

4) Checked the Polaroid and asked to retake. I’m sure everyone who’s been at the fanmeet and seen news report that in one of the games, there was a Polaroid taking session with funny poses for lucky fans on stage. After everything, Baby even checked each of the Polaroid and noticed that it wasn’t well taken and asked to retake it at the end of the showcase. SWEET! AND HE DID IT AS PROMISED AFTER THE SHOWCASE!

HIS PROFESSIONALISM. Poor Baby, although the ahem, Russian “fan” was picked to be the lead in his song “I Am”, this Russian gal was expressionless, totally like a wood. But despite this and with his professionalism, he still continued to dance close to the girl and even asked her to smile. Although awkward, but Baby still danced his best. Everyone knows via Razar TV interview that he’s not confident about dancing. So, asking him to do this in front of a “wood” really requires much professionalism. SALUTE TO BABY!!!

Provide Entertainment to the fans. Now, in any showcase, any star can just easily answer questions thrown by MC or just perform the song/dance as per normal program rundown. But that’s not the case with Baby. To make fans feel entertained and laugh, he did much more. Firstly, he catched on Ken asking him if Park Jung Min is one of the artiste he wants to work with. Then he started making a joke of it :” Park Jung Min? No no, he’s not sexy, he’s not handsome, he’s not cute, he’s JUNG MIN. A HORSE..” and he said it with such a funny expression on his face that everyone burst out laughing. 
Similarly when learning Singlish, he even teased Ken by saying “Handsome meh?” and then make funny sounds and expressions to make fun of Ken. And of course, he so sweet to say “Sexy Sia” to the translator that she even bowed and thanked him..haha.. 
(See above fancam in Point 3)

And of course no one can forget the encore, when he sang U R Man and the encore performance of “OH AH” and “ GIRL” when he got everyone up and dancing and singing to his songs, prompting us to sing.. Even asking us to jump. 
Now if anyone noticed the fancam of the encore, you would have noticed he did a small heart (1:04) and a big heart (2:13) at OH AH’s encore performance and thanked Singapore (5:28) during “Girl” performance. SO SWEET!!!

CREDITS: YoonJihoo88@YT

SWEETNESS TO ALL FANS. If you all noticed the fancams of all his performances and actions, Baby didn’t just focus on the middle section where we were. He was looking to the left section and right section ever so frequently when performing and trying to liven up the moods too in those sections. I was very impressed with his sincerity and professionalism. He would never miss out on any fans and make sure that everyone enjoyed the showcase. To me, the showcase won’t be a success without all these fans, whether it be from Thailand, Indonesia, China, HK, other countries, or Singapore In fact, I’m very grateful to them for supporting Baby and even helping along with the shouts of encouragement and fanchants. I think that’s what all fans should do, unite together. If you all hear the fancams, the fanchants are so audible that I’m so proud of it. I’m sure baby fully enjoyed it because of all these support. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! (And of course everyone by now also know via news report that Baby even asked to take photos with 3 cute kids from the front row.. haha.. so sweet already like a daddy).. 

His Sincerity during the SGTS MV session. To be honest, I didn’t expect anything much because firstly, when the MV was played, it was edited in the front and music replaced, taking the whole feel of the MV away. Hence, halfway through the MV, I was thinking, die, don’t think Baby would be touched at all. But I was very surprised when he turned around. Although he didn’t cry, but he bowed 90 degrees to the fans and I can see that his eyes and facial expression was that of being touched. Even Ken was asking him if he needed tissue. To me, that in itself was the greatest thank you ever, for the MV that was made for him. CREDITS: Dalbit@SGTripleS

His speech during the SGTS Love letter session. I’m so thankful for the translator lady. She read out the whole letter with feeling and pauses at the right time. It relayed the whole message we wanted to pass to Baby. As this was read out, I was closely looking at Baby’s eyes and expression. I can really tell he was controlling his tears as the letter was read and he looked down. The most sad and touching moment was after the letter was read, he said that “He felt very sorry now because he’s always on the receiving side”. When I heard that, I feel so sad for him and immediately shouted “Ahniyo” ie “no” . Everyone started also saying “no”… The only reason that I felt such a speech came from him was because he’s feeling the stress trying to be the best he can be. He’s really trying. and the gratefulness that he feels towards the fans can be felt through that sentence. To be honest, I nearly teared when I heard that. 


10) His Delight at the SGTS Trophy and present. To be honest, I wanted to scrap away with the trophy. This was because I thought the idea was great and went to have it custom made. But in the end, the material and result look kinda “Cheapo”. I was telling xiaoying how ah how ah, it looks so cheapo we cannot possibly just give him a trophy. That’s when the dear ahem, baby fan, Xiaoying decided on a brilliant idea for both the piro piro with BIB for airport arrival and also a big photo frame to be presented to him on stage, together with the trophy. 

That was why some of you may have heard some commotion from us when the trophy was presented in the box without the big photo frame. The reason being, I was afraid it may look so cheapo. BUT BUT imagine the surprise when I saw Baby’s expression when he saw the trophy. He was so delighted and even kissed on it and read out what was written on the trophy. (well, at least he knows how to read English..keke.. “You will always be our number one. Saranghaeo. From Singapore TripleS”)

What touched me the most was also he wanted to let everyone know who gave the presents even though we can’t present it on stage. Hence, when the box was presented by Ken to Baby, Baby showed it to the audience and said “TripleS Singapore” from the logo sticker on the box. Next, when he read out what was written on the trophy, he also mentioned the signed off “From Singapore triples”. (see below fancam)


I thought after seeing the trophy, he would have stopped looking at the box since the other stuff are like ahem, insignificant. He didn’t do that. He continued to take out the DVD/CD we recorded of the MV we made for him and read out “Singapore TripleS” from the CD/DVD again to show that it’s from us. He faced us and give us that look “what is this?”. That’s when we told him it’s Music video and pointed to the screen. SO SWEET! HE ASKED US! 

Then, I thought that’s it, but he continued taking out the letter and opening it. I was so embarrassed as it was the same letter that was read out and nothing worth mentioning, that I shouted to him that it’s the same letter. He then looked at us with that strange quizzical look (keke), and translator lady also tried to tell him it’s the same letter. Ken also told him it’s the same letter. Despite that, he continued opening the letter and then gave that expression of awe when he saw the Korean words written by dear Iris. (ok ok omma arrow her cos ahem, everyone is complaining about omma’s handwriting. MUACKS TO IRIS). He even showed it to the audience and kept the letter back in the envelope with a look of care, like some precious thing. I will never forget his expression. 

And of course being the ever entertainer, he even pretended to snatch the box from Ken to make sure he don’t take it.. haha. Making all of us laugh so much. 

To me, his expressions and actions showed me one thing, Baby is not someone who treasures expensive stuff. It’s the sincerity that goes into it that matters. I thought all Korean stars like expensive and branded stuff. He’s also not afraid to show fans his gratefulness and thanks!

11) THANK YOU SPEECH to Singapore TripleS. And of course we are most touched by his thank you speech. When Ken was about to let him perform UR Man, the next song, Baby suddenly stopped him and said he wanted to say some last words to his fans. If you watched the fancam, you would see his look of distraction and concern like “I really want to say the last words to fans” and looking at Ken hoping he would give him that time. 

And SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! His last words were THANK YOU to Singapore TripleS (see 2:15 in the fancam above in point 10) and said that he would work harder and hope we will continue to support him. Actually I am sure he’s grateful to all the fans and not just Singapore TripleS for supporting him. There’s a lot of genuine fans out there that day from Singapore and other countries that came to support him. And support they DID by shouting, laughing, encouraging him and fanchanting. In fact the fanmeet won’t be a success without all you fans out there from Singapore and other countries like Thailand and Indonesia. It’s just that maybe somehow he felt touched with what we have done and gave special thanks to us. 

He did not say thank you TripleS or thank you Singapore Fans. He says thank you “Singapore TripleS” and then pointed to us where we were seated at the 3rd row onwards in our green Club Tee. This is done at the risk of offending other fans but he still went ahead to thank us. HOW SWEET can he BE??? I hope other fans know he’s also grateful to all of you but it’s just that I guess he just want to show his appreciation to what we have prepared for him that night. 

We were the last few to come off the stage after we hi5 with Baby after the showcase. While we were down stage, we were talking to Ken. I was back facing Baby and Xiaoying were facing the stage. According to Xiaoying, after Baby finished all the Hi5, he was about to go behind the stage when he saw the 4 of us talking down stage to Ken. He then came over to our side and according to Xiaoying gave a gentle bow to thank us. At this stage, I turned my head and saw Baby raising his hand to us and wanting to Hi5 with us again. I was so escatic that I guess I just jumped up and hi5 his open palm.. Baby then hi5 to all the 4 of us. That’s when Xiaoying took the chance to pass the last gift, a big photo frame of his family, certificate designed by Belle, his comic cartoon and photo of us to him. He took it personally. According to Xiaoying, he took it with a firm grip as though to show his appreciation. He then gave us that bright smile. I guess I was in 7th Heaven and didn’t know what happened until somehow I was outside liao..haha.. 

To me, it’s not just a thank you to the 4 of us. It’s a gesture of thanks to all the Singapore TripleS who came. As we were the last few and in green Club Tee and talking to Ken, I guess he somehow guessed we were Singapore TripleS and then specially came over again to thank us when we were off stage. HOW SWEET AND APPRECIATIVE CAN BABY BE!! Hence, we would like to take this chance to let all you gals know, HE THANKS ALL SINGAPORE TRIPLES!!!

Actually, Baby’s fanmeet won’t be a success without the great help, encouragement and support from all the SGTripleS gals. Below are the reasons why:

1) SGTripleS MV. To be honest, I was very stressed out when doing this MV. This was because Voice Across the Seas with the original music composed by Jingjing, great singing by SGTS gals was very hard to surpass, especially with all the positive comments from fans all over, including Korea. Hence, I do not know what type of MV I can come up with this time round.

I decided not to make it a sad song and make it more encouraging, hence, decided on using SS501 song “Everything” which is more cheery. However, I can’t possibly just put pics and vids of Baby.. He would be so bored looking at himself.. and that’s when I must really thank our sweet, cute and pretty green peas SGTripleS.

They willingly (ahem, after much persuasion from omma and Xiaoying), left messages for Baby and also took group pictures. I was so worried when I left for USA for business trip and left the whole recording to Xiaoying/Jennis for the video messages at 501 chalet. AND WALAH, it came out great!

Special thanks to: a) Nicole, Peiyi and Gigi for looking so sweet and pretty when delivering the messages, b) Jennifer, Roxanne, Jingjing and Pekchoo for your sincerity in delivering the encouraging messages, c) Qii, Rachel and Ling for calling “oppa~~” so sweetly and keke,, Ling for being so cute n lovable “oppa FIGHTING!” haha.. and d) Helen, Shuting, Edwina, Iris, Madeline for saying out all the sincere messages despite being tired and grabbed by omma by the neck..haha..

And and of course to all the gals at the 501 chalet doing the last chorus swinging keke and those sweet innocent gals in the pictures whom omma pulled last minute to do some pictures while they were collecting the Baby fanmeet tickets.. MUAHAHAHAHA.. oki oki and of course to ahem, our two presidents Xiaoying and Jennis for taking the great pictures and videos..MUAHAHAHAHA and ahem, trying to act all sweet and cute..ahem

And of course to the SGTripleS gals for voting for Baby to be Number 1 on Ken's FM100.3 Kpop music chart. Only then can we record it down for this MV to show support for Baby. MUACKS GALS! 

Without all of you gals in the MV, Baby would not be touched at all. To me, it’s the support from the whole SGTripleS club that Baby is touched and not just because of one individual. It’s a TEAMWORK FEEL! 

2) Preparations.. During the fanmeet ticket collection day, lots of SGTripleS came down to help us with the ticket distribution, taking down names and distributing the tickets. MUACKS to Bianca, Shuting, Helen, Edwina, our SGTripleS “Maria” Linlin, Wanyi, Ashley, Marisammae, Suyin, Madeline.. oopsss, not sure if I forgot anyone else. And when I was editing the MV, everyone can tell I was very stressed and even helped me buy drinks and dinner. They were so concerned. Thanks to ahem, the pukey act cute round thing, Xiaoying for coming up with great ideas for the video edit, Suyin and Shuting for vetting through, Ashley for being so sweet to buy and feed omma dinner, Xiaoying for ahem, ok buying dinner and bubble tea for omma, Marisammae for staying despite busy with her studies, Linlin, Bianca, Helen, Wanyi, Edwina, Madeline too for delaying her dinner cos of omma, and many others..sobs!,, I can feel all of your concern and omma really felt touched with all the gestures. 

3) Running errands and donations. I’m really grateful to all the SGTripleS gals for volunteering their time and money to prepare for this fanmeet. Helen, Wanyi, and Iris for helping me to get this and that for Baby’s fanmeet. MUACKS TO Iris for being arrowed by omma to handwrite the letter.. haha and putting the stars in the present box.. wat to do? Omma’s handwriting and art class really fail lah..haha. Sobs! if not for you gals, I won’t be able to do it at all. 

4) IDEAS and CREATIVITY. And I’m really grateful to Belle for her creativity and photoshop skills for the certificate that she came up with for Piro Piro BIB and also the photoframe.. and of course to ahem, Xiaoying for her idea of Piro Piro with BIB and Photoframe. I was at a loss what to do especially since I thought the Trophy that I had custom made was so cheapo. Keke.. And of course to haha, our dear Jennis, the hidden photoshop talent, who last minute helped to design and create the flower stand card for Baby, and the CD/DVD template design for Baby..keke despite her busy cake business. And both her and Xiaoying also gave me great ideas and pics for Baby’s MV too..haha

5) Orderly and well behaved. I will give you gals a scoop. After the airport arrival, the organizer actually SMS me and thanked us for being well behaved and that said that Baby is happy to be back in Singapore to see the fans. Haha. So thanks gals for giving the support to Baby in the right way. 

6) Distributing the light sticks and media. Thanks gals for your great help in distributing the light sticks to everyone attending Baby’s showcase and also being so supportive when the media came and asked to take pictures of you gals. I guess it’s the green club Tee and your excited smiles that caught the media’s attention..haha.

7) Fanchants. To be honest, the whole fanmeet would not be a success without the fanchants. Firstly, during airport arrival, I was so worried when the SGTripleS gals say they have difficulty singing the chorus of “Girls” at the airport.. And despite saying that and the limited number of people we had because it’s a weekday afternoon, they still did their best and haha, at least Baby caught notice of it and put his hands to his ears for best effect..keke (see above fancam in point 1 above)

And of course not forgetting the loud fanchants at the showcase itself. I was equally stunned and surprised at the loud fanchants during the showcase and especially so when I saw the fancams. And I must thank the ingenious SGTripleS who came up with the Heaven fan chant of chanting “Saranghaeo” at certain parts after “Kim Hyung Jun”. The Heaven fan chant’s effect came out great. (see fancam below) I was equally stunned and impressed. WOW! You gals really had great loud voices and was just acting sweet and mild in front of omma lor.. hurmph!. No wonder at the end of the day, Baby was so touched that he had to thank Singapore TripleS and pointed to the row where the SGTripleS were seated in your green Club Tee.

CREDITS: yoonjihoo88@YT

 And hear the fancam below of UR Man performance. I can't believe that the gals actually remembered some of the fanchants. Brings back memories when SGTripleS was preparing for fanchants waiting for SS501 to come to Singapore during the Persona Asia tour.. sigh.. I'm so touched and AWED! YOU GALS REALLY DAEBAK AH!!!

CREDIT: Devildenise@YT

And I also must thank all the fans and not just SGTripleS who were present that also shouted and cheered together. Because without all of them, Baby won’t have heard the great fanchants and enjoyed himself so much. You can see Baby’s smile and appreciation including that from the dancers when you see the encore fancam performance. THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT!!
8) VIDEO AND CAMERA WOMEN. I must really thank not just SGTripleS but to all the fans who attended the event that actually shared their great fancams. It’s because of these great fancams and pictures that we are able to relive the sweet memories we had that day. And haha, I didn’t know some of them are actually SGTripleS, like Jingjing’s fancams which were one of my favourite and her YT id is actually “Yoonjihoo88”. And poor Lurvsotong said she took almost 6000 pictures with her DSLR and she’s trying to upload once her new computer is ready. I can’t wait to see her pics.. and of course Helen with her DSLR vids which keke, she’s going to upload soon.. AND OF COURSE NOT FORGETTING DALBIT who actually captured the sweetest moment when Baby looked at our MV, listened to our letter and also got our trophy present. She actually subbed the letter too in the MV. MUACKS!!!

Well, that’s about it from me for my fan account. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms after Baby went back. It was not as bad as August last year. I think it was because this was the best fanmeet and we have done a lot that even Baby felt thankful to all the fans. I can really feel his happiness and sincerity during this fanmeet. Hence, I felt really happy with the thought that we have shown our support to Baby and he had felt it and has went back to Korea with sweet memories. Keke.. SGTripleS DAEBAK!!!